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a tradition of fine design

Small but beautifully formed
New Zealand may be a small country but it's got great attitude! Kiwis (New Zealanders) believe they can do anything and love a challenge to prove it. That ‘can do' attitude has placed them at the top of many fields of endeavour.

Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,600 kilometres south-east of Australia. New Zealand comprises two main islands (the North and South Islands) and many smaller islands. Covering an area of approximately 270,000 square kilometres, it's roughly the size of Japan, the British Isles or California.


Green and glorious
With a third of the country protected in parks and reserves, our wilderness is always close at hand. As there are no dangerous animals it's easy to stop on the side of the road, take a gentle walk down a track and leave the crowds behind. Famous for its clean, green environment, New Zealand is a combination of beautiful landscapes: from vast mountain chains to grand volcanoes, sweeping coasts and deep fiords, lush rainforests, grassy plains, rich thermal areas and expansive beaches.


A rich heritage
Māori are the tangata whenua (people of the land) or indigenous people of Aotearoa. Around 15% of New Zealand's population of just over 4 million are of Māori descent, and are affiliated to a recognised tribe. Their rich and dynamic culture derives from their age-old connection with the spiritual and natural worlds.


Creative minds
New Zealand's art and culture draw from a wide range of ethnic origins, producing an interesting blend of Māori, European, Asian and Pacific Island themes. The New Zealand art and design scene reflects this potent mixture.

For a quick introduction to the style of world-changing Kiwi innovators through time, visit NZ Edge's 100 NZ Design Heroes site.