ucol furniture design school

course aims

During your study time with us, we'll work with you to enhance your:

1) Design Skills
Responding to our mix of theory and practical design challenges, you'll develop:

  • knowledge on how to apply the design process, design elements and principles,
  • an appreciation of furniture heritage and its impact on contemporary furniture design,
  • expertise in CAD (Computer Aided Design) two- and three-dimensional modeling, and how to apply the design process and principles to a range of 2D and 3D projects,
  • technical drawing and sketching skills, and an understanding of colouring techniques - all to support your use of drawing as part of the design process, and
  • the ability to apply and refine these design skills in the planning and construction of furniture.

2) Woodworking and Fabrication Skills
Extensive workshop time and practical work experience will ensure you'll become:

  • knowledgeable in solid timber and timber products and their application in furniture construction, and gain a familiarity with the types of joints and components in furniture construction and their application, and
  • familiar with best-practice in relation to the use of tools and machinery in a workshop environment (and safety awareness), and gain skills in the use of hand tools, portable tools and a range of fixed-machine tools.

3) Small Business Skills
Studying business theory and practical project work will round out your technical skills with:

  • the fundamentals of operating a business - as context for your new furniture design and fabrication skills,
  • the ability to produce business documents, and a familiarity with computing basics, communication theory and client practice in professional settings, and
  • the ability to research information and effectively present it to academic and potential business audiences.